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SmartFinder Home is a licensed property finder or buyers agent, that pursues a collaborative approach to help you find a home in the south of France.

Unlike estate agents we cover the whole market.

Property Market in the Var and French Riviera
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  • Also you can Contact Us for any questions you have
Smartfinder Home Services
  • We provide a free initial search via our search form and send you a list of best matching properties
  • For a full property search, appoint us as your dedicated house hunter with a search mandate, and we provide complete service, that covers an ongoing search, checking properties and sending extra photos and videos, and assistance throughout the buying process
  • The above services are typically at no additional cost to the buyer, as we are rewarded via introductory fees. commission share and premium listings on our site


1 - Check what properties are available
  • Get a quick idea of the type of properties available through our selection of properties
  • For a more extensive check, use one of the many property portals listed in our "Directory of real estate portals"

2 - Get help in your search by using our "search form"
  • This initial search provides the best 10-15 homes that fit your needs
  • We will call you back to detail your requirements and explain how we do the search

3 - Use our property finder service to find your home
  • We carry out an ongoing search to send you the best properties matching your needs, so you can establish a shortlist of houses that you would like to visit
  • Then either we pre-visit houses and send you photos/videos of these or organize the visits to fit your schedule when you come to the region
  • We also assist you during the price negotiation and advise you on the end to end buying process
  • All we need to carry out this service is a "search mandate", so we become your single point of contact and you no longer need to contact multiple agencies
  • Our fees
  • There is no cost or engagement for the initial search
  • For the ongoing search, our fees are covered by a commission split if you buy through an agency (so no extra cost), and if you buy from a private owner directly, our fee is 2% of the sale price, which is competitive compared with other property finders

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