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Off market properties in the South of France

31st January 2020 < back to archive
Off market properties in the South of France
The term "off-market" refers to properties that are not visible on the Internet or other media, however they are on a parrallel much more discreet market, where only a handful of professionals and closest contacts of the owners are aware of.

Why do sellers use the off market route ?
There are many good reasons for a seller to put his property for sale off market, and these include:
- Firstly discretion, especially for luxury properties, where sellers don't want to attract unwarranted attention or reveal the selling price of their property
- Secondly to try and command a premium price and add to the rarity factor, as the buyer may have the impression he has unearthed a hidden tresure !
- Very often this route is followed also to restrict viewings to only serious and motivated buyers
- In the case of high value properties, as buyers are often hard to find and the sales cyle make take many years, an off market approach keeps the sale "fresher", and it will not appear as being unsold for many years.
- Finally owners may use this route as a means of testing the market before putting their property on the open market

Factors against using the off market for sellers
The first clear handicap is by restricting market exposure owners miss out on potential buyers that would have been found if the property was on the open market. This is why Johnny Depp did the precise opposite and used his fame to maximize exposure on his property as you can see if you do an Internet search on his name plus "Plan de la tour" near Saint Tropez https://www.christiesrealestate.com/blog/tour-johnny-depps-south-of-france-sanctuary/
Also off market sales normally take longer as you are working with fewer potential buyers, unless you have a penthouse with a sea view in Cannes at market price that you know buyers would be queuing up for.

Why would buyers be interested in off market properties ?
The main advantage of off-market real estate again is discretion. as buyers may not want to have their future property exposed for years on the internet. Secondly getting access to rare high quality or exceptionally well located properties will appeal to buyers, in the same way a treasure would appeal to an explorer. Access to the private market also means less competition from other buyers. Another reason would be to snatch a property at a good negotiated price before it reaches the open market.

How to find off market properties
Off-market sales represents between 5 and 10% of the property market in France and a large proportion of the the +10M Eur property segment. Apart from contacting numerous agents, by the far the easiest option is to get the assistance of a property finder.
Smartfinder Home can you give you access to a few exceptional and unique properties currently for sale off market in the South of France. For Paris and other areas in France, we will be pleased to recommend property finders from the FFCI to help buyers navigate the off market.

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