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Buying a property "remote"

30th May 2020 < back to archive
Buying a property "remote"

Buying a property without a physical visit still sounds as risky as getting married without having first met your partner.

Yet today, with the changes brought by new collaboration tools like skype, facetime or teams, you can carry out most of your search, including virtual visits without leaving your living room !

Just as millions of workers have continued working from their homes, house buyers can do almost all their exploration from a distance, with the right tools and intermediaries.

Do you know estate agents happy to run a virtual visit for you ?

Normally agents share standard photos and occasionally videos, but would be very reluctant to spend 2 hours on a virtual visit if they think the buyer was not motivated enough to do a local visit. Surely a serious buyer would want to check the surroundings, local atmosphere of the area and do other visits before making a decision.


We disagree and believe you can identify the house you want to buy from a distance.
In fact 15% of serious buyers Smartfinder Home have worked with, had with our help, identified the house they wanted to buy before coming to the region. So the visit afterwards became simply a confirmation visit.

In one case a buyer even made an offer before his first visit. So the price was negotiated at a distance. When he did come for the confirmation visit, it confirmed his choice and he was able to sign the next day at the notaire’s office.

With busy schedules and the expense plus current difficulties in travelling, buyers will expect agents to adapt to new 21st century technology available to facilitate the buying process.

We embrace all tools that will make the life a buyer easier, and this includes:

  • Transparency on property websites/portals available
  • Running searches and listing suitable properties on a private webpage of results
  • Doing virtual visits, with skype or facetime or by sending a complete set of pictures and videos
  • Share by email or Wetransfer all documentation a buyer should know for his decision & offer

Hard to believe you can get all of this at no extra cost (assuming you buy via an agent) ?

The only commitment we ask for is a guarantee that you use as your single point of contact via our search agreement. This 2 way commitment is win-win for any serious distance buyer, as you can see from our testimonials. Book a time to discuss your house buying project with us !

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